This is how we work

Today the PRESTO production area is about 6,800 m². The last expansion was in 2011, when we added a 2,500 m² production workshop with a conveyor production line for compaction containers. The other PRESTO products are manufactured for customer-specific orders in individual production workplaces. In our modern production facilities we have computer-assisted cutting processes, CAD-programmed production data and a double-booth welding robot to ensure high production accuracy.

An average number of 1,500 finished machines and containers leave our PRESTO factory in Bad Laer every year.  In addition we make machines and components in the factory PRESTO Nanjing in China. Compaction containers make up the biggest share of production, followed by auger compactors and their compactor containers. Approximately 35 per cent of the products that we make are exported to European or worldwide markets.

The last steps of production are completed in our 600 m² paint and final assembly workshop. In the autumn of 2013 we integrated innovative paint booth technology to cut the painting and drying time by 25 per cent. At the same time we managed to significantly reduce the consumption of solvents by changing over to a two-component (2-K) paint system, which helps us improve our VOC balance massively.

Besides the increase in throughput we also succeeded in cutting our energy costs by 35 per cent because three booths from our supplier Höcker Polytechnik were networked with only two aggregate rooms. The energy-efficient ventilation and air extraction system with underground evacuation ensures optimum handling processes.

In 2015 we commissioned an 850 m² large new store for second-hand plants with an integrated washing station for old machinery.