PRESTO licensed by Shark

With this machine, the question is not: What is it capable of doing? but rather: What is it not capable of doing? Its strength: dry, large or bulky materials. The PRESTO Shark MK 3 compacts wood, XXL cardboard boxes, furniture and canisters as well as mattresses and plastic parts (such as bumpers).

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PRESTO – be flexible

Your customer would like to change the machine location within his company from ground level loading to ramp loading? No problem with the flexible ramp hopper from PRESTO. It will take you as a disposal company approx. 75 minutes to meet this customer requirement.

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PRESTO – connects

How can you find new lorry drivers in these difficult times? Leverage the “PRES-TO connects” system to reduce your staffing problems. Searching instead of swearing, our PRES-TO-web is truly that useful at first sight. Keep an eye on your waste compactors.

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Our waste disposal plants and dewatering technology combine the latest technical developments with tried and tested solutions.

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Anyone who would like to reduce waste management costs must invest wisely. Our PRESTO systems offer the most meaningful solutions and present the highest cost-saving methods for all waste management problems for our customers. And amortization is achieved in the shortest of time.

State-of-the art manufacturing processes combined with many years of experience are the foundation of our extensive PRESTO product range. Our systems provide the functional link within the recycling process and fits in trouble-free.

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