Large amounts of cardboard – ideal food for an PRESTO auger compactor

Another large project has shown again how PRESTO auger compactors can efficiently be used for compacting cardboard in logistics centres. A company’s internal returns department uses two PRESTO auger compactors, type SPN 15 and two cardboard crushers for processing about 7,200 tons of opened and broken boxes per year.

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Optimized shifting plant for PRESTO mobile auger compactors

PRESTO offers individual compaction solutions for places where there is little space available. Depending on local conditions the PRESTO plants can be designed as movable units on shifting or swiveling platforms.

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GSG personal protection system

Make sure you do not inadvertently put your staff in danger, risking loss of life and limb.  A brief lack of attention,  stumbling, or slipping on pieces of recycling material – it can be quick, and a worker can be helpless and slide onto the conveyor to the compactor. Experience has shown that emergency pull lines and light barriers are not effective enough.

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