PRESTO Shifting plant

PRESTO shifting plants are used when containers, compaction boxes, mobile compactors or static compactors systems need to be moved lengthways or sideways.

Available designs:
- Sideways shifting plant for one to five containers
- Lengthways shifting plant
- Transport trailers with drawbars or bogies for roll-off or skip-lift containers
- Shifting stations for lift- and tip-units
- Shifting stations for static compactors
- Shifting stations for static auger compactors

The static compaction box or self-compacting container is mounted on a massive substructure. Using flanged wheels, this heavy-duty steel frame is moved on a track. Gear lock drive motors activate the entire system.

Based our extensive experience gained from the installation of a large variety of shifting plant, nearly all system can be shifted. We'll be happy to submit a quotation based on your individual requirements.