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Here, you can select from our previously own machinery.
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HG 20
Mobile Compactor Roll on, roll off container - Type HG
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Machine number: 27197

for roll on - roll off
feeding opening on top: 1.500 x 1800 mm, feeding opening on ground 1000 x 1800 mm
pressing force: 300 kN, power: 5,5 kW

Year of building 2012, RAL 5015, hook 1570 mm both sides, 4 rolls, door side hinged, lid 2-pice, remote control without standard control bar with 2 m cable, 3/4 full signal, roller at the back - small version

PSR 10
wet waste compactor type PSR
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Machine number: 26697

pendulum plate compactor for skip lifter, feeding opening on top: 1200 x 1430 mm, pressing force: 240 kN, power: 5,5 kW

year of building 2011, RAL: 3020; door top hinged, sealing 500 mm, high side walls, roof ontop of the feeding opening, 2 additional roller infornt, 3/4 full signal

incl. new painting

PHR 20
wet waste compactor type PHR
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Machine number: 25841

pendulum plate compactor for roll on - roll off pick-up system, feeding opening on top: 1200 x 1430 mm, pressing force: 240 kN, power: 5,5 kW

year of building 2011; RAL: 6016; pick-up system for cables and hooks one side: front 1450 mm, pick-up system for chain one side, without looking system, door top hinged, sealing all around with shearing lock, lid 1-pice,  3/4 full signal, 32 A plug, stop position closed, 2 x 3" liquid drain with screwed plug, mechanical lid opener,  integrated bin lifter for special bins

location Bad Laer
contact person: Bramidan Netherlands, Harold Veldboer Mobile +31 642701444, Mail

SHD 1800 S
Static Compactor Type SHD
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Machine number: 28893

Static compactor with 3/4 and full signal, low oil level stop switch

year of building: 2013;  RAL: 9002, without hopper, automatic lifting and lowering system for container door,  rubber seal between compactor and container, limit switch for container connected, central lubrication system, potetial free contact, performance enhancement: 180 m³, 11 kW drive, 40 l pump

SPN 15
Auger Compactor Type SPN
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Machine number: 29331

Auger compactor with direct-drive gearmotor

year of building 2013; colour RAL: 7045; WITHOUT hopper, coupling device with right side positioning, 63 A plug, external swith cabinet with 10 m cable

SPB 25 m³
Container for Auger Compactor (SPB)
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Machine number: 36058


Container for auger compactors

year of building 2017, colour RAL: 5010/9002, Roll on - roll of, hook one side, 1570 mm, door side hinged, reinforced roofconstruction, cover hood at container

HPK 20/50
Baler Type HPK
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Machine number: 9773

Chanal Baler with automatic channel adjustment and automatic bale tying

year of building 1999, colour RAL 7032, drive power uptake: 15 kW, pressing force: 500 kN, without hopper, oil heating, potential free contact, foil retention system