PRESTO Styrofoam (EPS) compactor

Effective compaction of large quantities and volumes of styrofoam is not feasible with every machine. PRESTO offers a compaction solution that uses an MZ 3 or a PZZ cardboard feeding crusher that pre-crushes the material and feeds it to the SPN auger compactor in an optimum way.

It effectively neutralizes the material's re-expansion, i. e. the styrofoam does not return to its original volume after compaction. The material goes through a special pre-compaction channel and is pressed into the coupled PRESTO container with a compaction ratio between 1:25 and 1:30. Thus the system achieves a container content weight of at least 3.5 tons (SPB 30).

This reduction in volume is something you also notice when it comes to costs. The PRESTO styrofoam compactor helps you save an enormous amount of transportation costs. Before that it had been common to transport loosely collected, bulky styrofoam parts in open containers in a multiple of the truck runs that are necessary now.

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