PRESTO connects with PRES-TO-web all at a glance

One platform for all types of machine allows not only a clear overview, data reception, querying and evaluation but also remote maintenance from your desktop. Besides energy saving, individual rights assignment and user-defined settings in the PRES-TO-web, our PRES-TO-GO, PRES-TO-LINK and PRES-TO-LOC systems also enable higher filling weights and more efficient vehicle capacity utilisation.

This small black device, installed discretely on the machine, generates diverse messages and queries in the user-friendly PRES-TO-web view. Depending on customer requirements, data can be displayed, added or evaluated statistically.

Customer-specific, various messages are communicated by email to the machine user, owner or disposal company. Almost-full and/or full messages are communicated to the disposal company for optimal route planning or replacement travel. Fault messages can be sent directly to the service provider, who plans and carries out any required work that is not possible via remote maintenance.

The prerequisites for retrofitting this PRESTO accessory are merely a ¾-full or almost-full signal lamp on your waste compactor. The licence for use of the PRES-TO-web or connection to this in your database system can be purchased from PRESTO.

Green logistics – the reason for your company to pursue ecological goals besides economical aspects – can be taken a huge step forwards with PRESTO compactors and “PRES-TO connects”.

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