Odour minimisation by ozone

Modern, effective and environmentally friendly technology for controlling odours, gases and bacteria in waste compactors. The system offers a modern, environmentally friendly technology for generating ozone, which operators value greatly and which is focussing on security, cost-efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Ozone (O3) is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is highly reactive and oxidizes all types of organic compounds efficiently. The system is based on a unique ozone cell called CGC (Corona Glass Cell), which generates ozone from air by an electrical charge. The device is installed in the container. The connection between the device and the container is by a perforated plate.

The ozone generator is equipped with an asymmetric timer for controlling ozone production. To set the timer the main power supply has to be switched off. That is done behind the front cover. The ozone production on time (ON) can be set by TON. The ozone production off time (OFF) can be set by TOFF.