PRESTO Electronic scrap compactor

In order to compact electronic scrap, PRESTO uses two solutions that have been applied several times in the past.

1. Manual loading of the compactor:
The electronic scrap is added manually into the PRESTO auger compactor. The PRESTO auger compactor destroys the added material. At the same time, the electronic scrap is compacted in an attached container.
Scrap material weighing between 6.0 to 7.0 t can be compacted to 30 m3 inside a PRESTO continer.

2. Using special containers for the automatic loading of the lift-and-tip unit:
PRESTO has developed a closed-circuit concept for trade chains. All unsold electronic products are collected in a closed special container right at the venue. The special container is locked and can only be opened for loading by authorised personnel. After the special containers have been transported to a central storage facility, the containers are added to a hydraulic shifting station.

This shifting station is mounted onto a PRESTO static compactor system. A uniquely designed opening mechanism on the shifting stations opens the special container and the products fall into the inlet opening of the PRESTO static compactor.

This system prevents the unsold electronic goods to be removed by unauthorised persons.