PRESTO Drilling and metal chips compactor

PRESTO auger compactors can be used wherever steel and aluminum cuttings accumulate from drilling, milling or boring operations. They are compacted in containers. Drilling fluids and other emulsions can be collected in a sump that is installed underneath the auger compactor.

In the system shown above, all metal chips are added manually using an in-house cart of a movable lift-and-tip unit. Once the cart has been placed and the intake door has been closed, the system runs fully automatically. The lift-and-tip unit raises the cart vertically, and tips the contents into the PRESTO auger compactor.

A hydraulic decoupling system ensures that the PRESTO auger compactor is separated from the PRESTO compactor box. By using a shifting station, the entire unit is moved towards the next empty PRESTO container. The units are automatically coupled, and the loading of the next empty PRESTO container can be started.