PRESTO Cardboard crusher

The PRESTO cardboard shredders are available in three models for different types of cardboard. They are used for shredding large amounts of paper and cardboard. These large-size pieces of carton can be found mainly in furniture stores, the logistic industry and in all branches of the building supply industry.

Two shafts, running at different speeds and running in opposite directions, are used to initiate the shredding process of the PRESTO cardboard shredder type PPZ and PZB. Two motors with different outputs act as drive systems. The bulk of the cardboard is shredded between the two shafts into small pieces. Then it is arranged for further preparation in a PRESTO compactor. The material throughput reaches an average of 180 m3/hr, depending of material type and feeding version.

The cardboard crusher and feeder (PZZ) is mainly used to feed disposable cardboard pallets and to pre-crush cardboard items. It can not be used for feeding plastic film and strips. The cardboard crusher and feeder consists of two prong-shafts, each driven separately.

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