PRESTO horizontal balers type HPK compact recyclables in to solid cubical-shaped bales. The material is compacted by a horizontally mounted compaction plate with an electro-hydraulic drive system. This guarantees the continuous feeding of the machine, and the integration of the production process is ensured.

PRESTO horizontal balers of the HPK-Series are used when high volumes of recyclables such as paper, cardboard or plastic are processed into high-density bales. The bales are easily stackable, and this enables to further optimize the storing capacity of the bales. The PRESTO balers type HPK are fully automated.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, a range of loading options such as conveyor systems, bin lifters, pneumatic conveying systems, and other feeder mechanisms are available.

The fully automatic adjustable baling channel and the centrally programmable control unit ensure efficient compacting of the material to highly compacted bales. This reduces the volume of the recyclable material to a minimum.

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