solar press container to Co2-free waste compacting

Thanks to the proven PRES-TO-GO controller, the press achieves 15% higher container weights compared to competitors’ products, paired with efficient planning of disposal trips and effective CO2 savings. Even without solar operation, the press would achieve a power savings of around 25% compared to market competitors.

We delivered two type HG 20 R self-press containers for ASF (Abfallwirtschaft u. Stadtreinigung Freiburg GmbH) to collect bagged goods in the large pedestrian zone:

Collecting and disposing of waste in Freiburg, known for its large historic city centre with narrow lanes and streams, is no easy task. Paper and cardboard, recycling, and residual waste are collected using small, solar-operated platform trucks and brought to a central collection point. There, they are fed by the carriers into a bulk materials tank. After compaction of approx. 5 to paper and cardboard, 4 to mixed waste and 2 to of recycling per 20 m³ press, they are emptied at the city's own transfer station. Due to the tipper, the performance drops to around 50 strokes per battery charge.

As an added option for locations without electricity, they are a power-saving alternative in sunny spaces. They can also be used as intermediate solutions for construction or renovation projects. Likewise, they can replace presses that were previously equipped with external generators.

Currently, there are very few options offering so much independence for compacting waste and recyclable materials. Make use of the sun in your everyday work, and make your green footprint even bigger.

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