The cost-efficient version for compacting your recycling material - PRESTO SAN

Besides the favourable price-performance ratio we attached great importance to the particularly short design with a large feeding opening of 1315 x 1460 mm. The solid basic version with manual feeding hopper, metal stripper for fine particles, standard centring rail and manual coupling system can be upgraded with mechanical and electrical accessories.

Your advantage for service: All relevant components are easily accessible from the rear side for maintenance and repair work. The hydraulic aggregate and the switch cabinet are located within the machine housing.

In addition to the PRESTO static compactor type SHD and the short version RHD for demanding industrial applications we have developed the space-saving type SAN for use in retail and logistics enterprises.

The following example of an SAN used in a market of a large furniture chain shows the efficient compaction of waste for reutilization into a PRESTO container type MB 30 m³ with a content weight up to 4.5 tons. Besides a wall-mounted hopper we also delivered a cover hood for closing the container.

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