PRESTO telematics not only for compactors, bus also for skips and containers

It can also be attached to rental machines in the fleet in order to locate their whereabouts. Other than the PRESTO telematics system Trackunit the system Beacon does not capture any machine data such as the “¾ full” or “full” signal, operating hour meter or error and service messages. Rather it functions in 167 mobile communication networks in 110 countries and reports GPS coordinates to locate the position of machines, and it can identify a defined geofence area to prevent theft.

Depending on customer wishes the systems communicate various messages by e-mail to the machine user, owner or the disposal company to support efficient logistics planning.

The only preconditions for using these PRESTO accessories are GPS / GSM coverage in the site of the waste compactors or collection containers and an internet connection for password-protected data management. The small black devices attached discretely to the compactors or skips require no further accessories except a potential-free contact for the telematics system Trackunit.

Use the PRESTO telematics system to keep a good overview.

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