PRESTO offers two wood compaction solutions

Small, medium, big and XXL, the Megapress MP with its 5m³ filling chamber picks up a big batch of wood and compacts it into the container equipped with a pendulum roof. There are hardly any limits to the type and composition of wood products.

A PRESTO screw compactor feeds wooden boards and pallets into the compaction process via a ramp or wall fixture hopper. The HD feeding device ensures effective pre-shredding and compaction into a reinforced PRESTO SPB container.

Compared to competitor products, both PRESTO solutions, whether Megapress or screw compactor, achieve higher container weights for more efficient lorry utilisation and thus more environmentally-friendly wood disposal. Open skips, layered removal or laborious manual shredding are a thing of the (disposal) past.

Ask your PRESTO area sales manager about the Megapress MP vs. current disposal concept amortisation calculation. We advise you personally and calculate your benefit.

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