PRESTO – connects

Whether operating, filling level, maintenance or fault information, all this is visualised in addition to the location (by means of GPS signal). Alongside specifically planned emptying and service trips, machines can also be operated effectively based on a revolving change system. Use remote access from the office or lorry on the road to avoid unnecessary service trips.

PRES-TO-GO for press containers and PRES-TO-LINK for screw compactors, stationary compactors and above all retrofits and third-party products. A portal for all use cases whose messages have to be set up individually. Your superuser access allows you to set up as many users and message recipients as you like, depending on the responsibilities in your company and at your end customers.

Also use PRES-TO-LOC to locate as well as protect containers and skips against theft. In addition to the hardware you need a licensing agreement. For retrofitting PRESTO or third-party products, a ¾ full and / or full signal lamp must be available. PRESTO data can be integrated into existing customer database systems on request.

As if the already mentioned advantages were not enough, the filling weights of the press containers increase by up to 10 % with this control system. You will even leave a considerably larger green footprint. In addition to reducing empty, replacement and possibly useless service trips, you can save up to 25% in electricity. You and your customers can look forward to improving your performance in many ways: reducing pollutants, compacting waste more effectively, reducing CO2 emissions.

“The view, application and handling of PRES-TO-GO in the PRES-TO-web impressed us from the get-go. The individual setting and notification options, a clear structure and data information combined with the possibility to generate various evaluations. A big step forward in the digital future of a waste compactor combined with economic aspects,” says the managing director and user of one of our satisfied customers.

You can find more information here or directly from your local PRESTO area sales manager.

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