PRESTO can handle any heap of cardboard, no matter how big

This PRESTO CC 40 V is fed by a PRESTO bin lifter (HKV) and compacts about 1.5 tons of material per day into stable bales. The cardboard material from the production process comes to the baler in 800 l collection bins. The machine makes 1,200 mm long bales with an average weight of 420 kg.

In an Asian country we have designed a PRESTO baler type HPK 1100, 500 kN with a 30 kW aggregate for integration into the process of a well-known large producer’s facility. This PRESTO high performance machine compacts about 1.5 tons of hard, massive cardboard per hour in three-shift operation. The results are marketable cardboard bales with top quality: 400 kg of weight, with dimensions of 1100 x 700 x 1100 mm (l x h x w).

PRESTO stands for efficient compaction of your material into bales. Depending on the quantity and type of material the perfect solution can be a PRESTO Conti Compact or its bigger sister model PRESTO HPK. In addition the HPK series also includes one machine type that is specially designed for compacting PET material. It compacts empty PET bottles into bales with vertical binding that are ideally suited for the recycling industry.

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