New PRESTO customer in a department store chain

Depending on local conditions the projects can include two different PRESTO solutions: The PRESTO auger compactor type SPN 15 with a PRESTO cardboard crusher and a compactor container as an indoor solution and for use in stores where the machine is fed from two different floor levels. In stores with one feeding floor level the PRESTO auger compactor is fed from a ramp.

In addition to the self-service stores the retail chain plans to also equip its beverage stores with PRESTO PET compactors in the future. When the deposit labels have been destroyed a belt conveyor will directly feed the PET bottles to the auger compactor type SPN for compaction. In addition the machine can be fed by a PRESTO bin lifter outside the building. The PET bottles are compacted into a coupled PRESTO compactor container, their total annual quantity amounting to about 150 tons. This automatic work process makes the clumsy, time-consuming handling of collection boxes unnecessary.

The machines are equipped with the PRESTO telematics system for optimum disposal planning. When the "3/4 full" signal is received the disposal company can plan the logistics for emptying the PRESTO container. Fault messages are sent directly to the service company, which can plan and perform the necessary work as soon as possible. There is no more need for reporting that a container has to be collected and no need for repair work by the operators on site.

The perfect solution for any material and any local conditions: PRESTO auger compactors

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