Programme "Apprentices recruit apprentices" visits PRESTO

A successful job fair day in Bad Laer

It was the seventh time that the organization 'Maßarbeit' had invited young people to the job fair 'Apprentices recruit apprentices'. In late September we hosted the apprenticeship fair in our paint shop at PRESTO.

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PRESTO cuts CO2 emissions

The reduction of CO2 emissions is a worldwide issue that should concern EVERYONE. We are aware of our increasing responsibility for the environment, and we make a contribution to better air quality.

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PRESTO Telematics

PRESTO telematics is an innovative way of making your fleet management easier through diverse solutions and means of optimizationn. It helps you to keep an eye on your compactors.

167 mobile communication networks in 110 countries allow a small black unit mounted in a discrete position on the machine to generate a variety of messages and enquiries.

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GSG personal protection system

Make sure you do not inadvertently put your staff in danger, risking loss of life and limb.  A brief lack of attention,  stumbling, or slipping on pieces of recycling material – it can be quick, and a worker can be helpless and slide onto the conveyor to the compactor. Experience has shown that emergency pull lines and light barriers are not effective enough.

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PRESTO Auger compactors – we make them mobile!

PRESTO offers individual solutions for material compaction in confined space conditions.
Depending on the local situation the PRESTO plants can be made mobile on shifting or turning platforms. If needed it is also possible to move the complete PRESTO compaction system including auger compactor, wall hopper and container.

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Quality mark for Safety Management System

PRESTO is "SMS" certified

We wanted to meet the increasing demand from customers and service providers, so in the autumn of 2013 we decided to introduce the Health and Safety Management System AMS of the trade association BG.

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