PRESTO licensed by Shark

With this machine, the question is not: What is it capable of doing? but rather: What is it not capable of doing? Its strength: dry, large or bulky materials. The PRESTO Shark MK 3 compacts wood, XXL cardboard boxes, furniture and canisters as well as mattresses and plastic parts (such as bumpers).

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PRESTO offers two wood compaction solutions

Compacting instead of layering – our solution for your wood compaction. Do you load from ground level by hand or using a forklift or even a crane? For everything from small wooden slats, pallets, chairs, cupboards to small wall units.

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PRESTO – be flexible

Your customer would like to change the machine location within his company from ground level loading to ramp loading? No problem with the flexible ramp hopper from PRESTO. It will take you as a disposal company approx. 75 minutes to meet this customer requirement.

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PRESTO – connects

How can you find new lorry drivers in these difficult times? Leverage the “PRES-TO connects” system to reduce your staffing problems. Searching instead of swearing, our PRES-TO-web is truly that useful at first sight. Keep an eye on your waste compactors.

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Eight years of successful cooperation have led to partnership

In the Netherlands PRESTO GmbH & Co. KG has become a shareholder of Bramidan Nederland B.V.

Together we are strong. And that is how we want to present ourselves to the Dutch market: as one contact point for recycling and compaction issues. 

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PRESTO can handle any heap of cardboard, no matter how big

The PRESTO baler types CC and HPK are an ideal link between production and disposal in industrial enterprises.

The two reference projects described below show that we have one clear goal: reducing costs and transportation effort when cardboard material is returned for recycling.

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PRESTO can also handle bread

The PRESTO all-rounder ‑ the auger compactor type SP ‑ does not only compact cardboard, paper and plastic film smoothly, but also does bread in a new application.

Returned or unsold products, wrongly cut bread or faulty batches of a large bakery are compacted by a PRESTO auger compactor type SP and then used in the production of animal feed.

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The cost-efficient version for compacting your recycling material - PRESTO SAN

Why use a fully equipped machine if it can be simpler? PRESTO adapts its waste compactors to the available space and the material requirements.

The compactor PRESTO SAN can be used for almost all kinds of residual waste, waste for reutilization and recycling material.

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PRESTO telematics not only for compactors, bus also for skips and containers

PRESTO telematics is an innovative way of making your fleet management easier through a diversity of solutions and optimizations. It helps you to actually keep an eye on your compactors as well as containers and skips.

Besides the tried and tested PRESTO telematics system Trackunit we offer the system Beacon, a location system for skips, containers and collection bins.

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PRESTO is an exhibitor at IFAT 2016 in its 50th year in Munich

Come and visit us again this year at the world’s leading fair for the environmental technology industry. It covers 230,000 m² of exhibition area in the Munich fairgrounds, and you will find us in hall B 2. In our booth 203/304 we will do a premiere presentation: a simulation of the PRESTO telematics system Trackunit on a compaction container. 

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