About us

When it comes to compacting recyclables and residual waste, look no further, we are you professional partner!
We are a global enterprise, and we have been servicing our customers in the area of environmental engineering for more than 60 years. Wherever large quantities of recyclables and waste must be disposed of, we can offer our products of the PRESTO series products. They are designed to meet all individual requirements and specifications.

Innovation and know-how is part of our tradition!
Our extensive experience and continuous pursuit of finding new and innovative solutions for the waste management challenges of our customers are a guarantee that each PRESTO product will meet or beat the high requirements of everyday waste removal problems. This will be done reliably, efficiently and under consideration of the highest safety standards.

The result: Satisfied customers thanks to our great products and unsurpassed services!
It is not just our products that have to meet the high requirements, which are placed upon performance and quality, but also our PRESTO Team also strives for gold-medal performance. Consultation and service before, during and after the installation of each PRESTO system go rulerrulerwithout saying.

We consider ourselves a partner of our customers, and partners are never forsaken.