Sensible and responsible waste disposal methods while saving money at the same time - these are the challenges upon which we have set our main focus.

Anyone who would like to reduce waste management costs must invest wisely. Our PRESTO systems offer the most meaningful solutions and present the highest cost-saving methods for all waste management problems for our customers. And amortization is achieved in the shortest of time.

State-of-the art manufacturing processes combined with many years of experience are the foundation of our extensive PRESTO product range. Our systems provide the functional link within the recycling process and fits in trouble-free.

Over 45,000 machines sold in Germany, Europe and across the globe have made PRESTO a well-recognized partner in the recycling industry. Renowned trade chains, waste management companies, paper manufacturers, industrial firms and enterprises from the recycling business branch are part of our clientele. And so are customers from the wholesale and retail industry, the health care industry and many more.