PRESTO telematics (Trackunit)

PRESTO telematics provides diverse solutions and innovative optimization to make your fleet management easier.  It allows you to keep an eye on your compactors.  Locate the machine site from the disposal vehicle using an app on your smart phone or tablet computer.  Another interesting feature is the definition of a geofence area for theft prevention.

167 mobile communication networks in 110 countries allow a small black unit that is discreetly mounted on the machine to generate a broad variety of messages and enquiries in a user-friendly web view:

- machine site, operating condition
- operating hour meter, information on service intervals
- real-time date (GPS coordinates)
- triggering the "3/4 full" or "full" message
- fault messages

Depending on the customer's wish several different messages can be communicated by e-mail to the machine user, owner or disposal company.  When the "3/4 full" message comes the disposal company can start the logistics planning for emptying the container or replacing the compactor.  Fault messages can be routed directly to the service provider, who then plans and executes the necessary work.

The conditions required by this PRESTO accessory include only potential-free contacts on the machine, GPS / GMS network coverage on the compactor site and an internet connection for  password-protected data management.

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