Shark Compactor (PRESTO licensed by Shark)

With the strategic partnership with Shark Containers A/S, we are adding a nearly unique machine to our product range. The Shark Comapctor with its patented press mechanism is a new link to our PRESTO monbile compactors.

The Shark Compactor - PRESTO licensed by Shark - is used wherever bulky, voluminous materials need to compacted effectively. In addition to recycling centers and disposal companies, logistics centers and industrial companies can also benefit from this type of machine. In addition to furniture, bulky waste and wood, XXL cardboard boxes and many other dry waste fractions can be easily compacted.

The very low and very large filling opening allows easy filling of this round design compactor. Thanks to a mechanical swing roof is a easy emptying.

We will sell the Shark commpactor in Germany, Netherlands and Luxemburg besides Norway, Sweden, England, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The hookloader can be configured in addition to its extensive basic equipment with a large range of accessories for the respective needs on site.

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