PRESTO cuts CO2 emissions

When it comes to economic activity we feel the obligation to do this for our children and grandchildren. Only then can we secure our planet Earth for the generations to come. PRESTO also makes its contribution. And we also see our obligation to act in the interest of our customers.

The compactor technology used in our plants helps reduce the volume of waste and recycling material to a minimum. Often we achieve compaction ratios of 1:10 or even higher. That helps our customers make the optimum use of truck capacity and reduce transportation by up to 80 %.

Now PRESTO has decided to work with even more energy-efficient components. Amongst other things that includes the use of frequency converters in a number of plants.

In addition PRESTO is creating the preconditions for the ecological manufacture of our products in an economic environment.

A number of conversions and optimizations have already been completed:

 - We commissioned a new paint workshop with a most modern energy recuperation system.

 - The heating in the production workshop was converted to energy-efficient dark radiators.

 - We bought new frequency-controlled compressors.

 - The lamps in the production and administration facilities were converted to LED technology and equipped with
    intelligent lighting control.

 - In the new administration building we installed a modern, energy-efficient heating system that uses geothermal
    energy for heating and cooling (geocooling system).

 -On the roof we installed a photovoltaic system.

In our corporate responsibility philosophy responsible action and sustainable management are important pillars of our future.

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