Large amounts of cardboard – ideal food for an PRESTO auger compactor

Since there is very little space for the disposal trucks the whole plant was designed at a slight angle to the adjacent street. The material is continuously fed by a belt conveyor system inside the building that leads to two conveyors in a housing (wall-mounted hopper). The PRESTO cardboard crushers PZA are installed in the same housing underneath the conveyor ends. Still within the housing there are two lateral conveyors that carry the pre-compacted material to one of the PRESTO auger compactors SPN 15. The container content weight of the PRESTO compactor containers is around 8.5 tons thanks to pre-crushing and effective compaction.

For any maintenance and cleaning work there are large revision doors and a walking gallery on the outside of the housing. In the event of a machine fault the emergency ejection hatches allow the material to be dumped into (compaction) containers positioned underneath them.

Besides the economic aspect the reduction of CO2 emissions is a feature to be highlighted.

If you need to dispose of large quantities of waste or if you wish to optimize your existing disposal process – talk to PRESTO.

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