GSG personal protection system

It is especially with low-height belt conveyor edges – height below 1100 mm – or with open conveyors below floor level that sensitive protection systems designed acc. to European Standard EN 16252:2012 and EN 620:2002+A1:2010 have to be used.

The operator staff have to be protected properly by a personnel protection system (GSG)  - with a transponder worn in a pocket, on the belt, or on the wrist lke a watch.

An aerial module mounted above the compactor intake triggers an alarm and the Emergency OFF function of the machine as soon as there is a worker wearing a personnel protection system device in this area.

The module can also be used for authorizing machine operators, i. e. workers without the GSG system are not authorized to operate the machine.

GSG works where other systems have failed. And PRESTO wishes to protect customers from failure. So contact us, and we will advise you on how to protect your workers.


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